PingGuo Tech

PingGuo Tech has built a large team of Technical Associates with various backgrounds.

Our assets and knowledge in technology covers everything you can think of.

We love it when we can provide our clients with their dream technology.

That's why we have the best and most creative people in technology to design, create, build, maintain, and support exactly what you want.

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PingGuo Tech is also a Training Centre. We not only provide tutoring/training in IT related areas, but also provide tutoring in a vast range of areas to University/College students. We teach students in both a classroom environment as well as private one on one tutoring.

We are involved in after school programs that prepare Bayview Glen students for Universities and other post secondary education.

(Please be aware the above video may not be playable in China.)

Our programs include English as a Second Language (IELTS/TOEFL), Math, Computer Science, Applied Science, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

(Please be aware the above video may not be playable in China.)

Please contact us for more information on after school programs and admission at Bayview Glen.