PingGuo Academy

PingGuo Academy is a Training Centre. We not only provide tutoring/training in IT related areas, but also in a vast range of areas to pre-post secondary students, university/college students, and mature/corporate students.

We teach students in both a classroom environment as well as private one on one tutoring.

(See one of our presentations here- Taking Healthcare to a New Level with A.I. and Quantum Computing.)

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Specifically, we are involved in after school programs that prepare Bayview Glen students for Universities and other post secondary education.


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Our programs include English as a Second Language (IELTS/TOEFL), Math, Computer Science, Applied Science, Healthcare and Life Science.


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PingGuo Academy Toronto class- November 16, 2019

PingGuo Academy Toronto class- October 26, 2019

PingGuo Academy Toronto class- September 28, 2019

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