Qi is the energy in every living thing. The most important aspect of Qi is its healing power. Practise Qi to better your health and learn how to use Qi to heal yourself and others.

 - Learn about Qi and how it can better your health and help others.
 - Socialize with others who are practising QiGong.
 - Connect with others who are looking for a partner to practise with.

Download QiYouUp

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We also offer many courses (in-class, online, and private lessons) on QiHealing/QiGong. Contact Master Bin for a private lesson (in the Greater Toronto Area) or for the schedule of our online / in-class courses.

Name: Bin
Phone: (647)762-9666
SMS: (647)762-9666
WhatsApp: (647)762-9666
Email: PingGuoAcademy@gmail.com


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